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    16 Tweets For Anyone Who Is Going To Be Alone On Valentine's Day

    *Collective sigh*

    1. OK... First things first.

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    2. Being alone on Valentine's Day, for some, starts with denial.

    3. For others it's not a surprise.

    4. And has become a routine.

    5. Then you start realizing things...

    6. ...and it can get emotional.

    7. I mean, real emotional.

    8. But some take a different route.

    9. And try to remain positive.

    When you start feeling bad about being single on #Valentinesday

    10. And indulge in the finer things...

    11. ...especially by doing little things to cheer themselves up.

    12. You could have a meal by yourself.

    13. Or even enjoy a nice bubble bath.

    14. But then you remember...

    15. ...and begin to reject the entire institution.

    16. And at the end of the day, at least you have the comfort of knowing that this is a "fake" holiday.

    So please, please, have a very lovely day! ❤️

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