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21 Pictures That Prove Japan Is A Modern Paradise

BRB, booking a one-way ticket to Tokyo.

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1. OK first of all, the drinks have braille on them so if you're visually-impaired you can still know what you're drinking.

2. At the 2014 World Cup, Japanese fans stayed and cleaned up the stands after the game:

3. The manhole covers all over the country are gorgeous.

Love the customized manhole covers they have in each locality around #Japan. #urban #design #nofilter

4. Most of the toilets have built-in bidets...even better you can play a noise to disguise pooping.

5. They have Coca-Cola WITH coffee for all the caffeine addicts out there.

6. Speaking of Coca-Cola there's CLEAR Coke.

7. More clear drinks, but this time beer flavored water, OMG.

8. There's just a bunch of clear shit you can drink, OK?!

9. Some elevators even have an emergency know, just in case.

10. Restaurants have buttons where you can ask for service or the bill pronto.

11. There are banana vending machines!

12. Even better, umbrella vending machines.

13. Toilet paper rolls come with an extra "to-go" roll.

14. A lot of toilets have sinks above them to save water.

15. The railway system in Tokyo is VAST.

16. People FOLLOW the rules.

17. Fire escapes are slides instead of stairs.

18. These handy devices tell you if it's raining outside, so you know to take an umbrella with you.

19. Bathroom mirrors have a heated portion so it never fogs up when you take a hot shower.

20. Bikes are stored in the most genius way.

21. And the airport has biodegradable phone screen cleaners.

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