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    23 Gifts For The Guy Who Seemingly Has Everything

    He's totally worth it, right?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A kit so he can make his own whiskey.

    2. Pair that with this book that's sure give him some "spirit."

    3. And after all that whiskey, this funny book on how not to be hungover will be a godsend.

    4. This customized leather dopp kit will make traveling a little easier for him.

    5. An art piece of his favorite football team's stadium, so he can beam with pride.

    6. The very best sound machine money can buy, because his sleep is priceless.

    7. A cactus kit that will give him something to take care of for years to come.

    8. Or up the ante with a handsome wall planter, so his green thumb can get a workout.

    9. This amazing throw blanket will make his living room look almost as handsome as he is.

    10. A subscription pantry box so he can enjoy a bunch of new tasty eats.

    11. This American-made hoodie will instantly become his favorite piece of clothing.

    12. He'll surely love these amazing new running shorts that will help him go the distance.

    13. This customized watch box will keep all his timepieces in one place.

    14. Or this "retro" instant camera so he can make memories that will last forever.

    15. He will absolutely appreciate the BEST cooler in the entire world.

    16. This Wi-Fi gizmo will make sure he has bulletproof internet no matter how big or small his place is.

    17. Amazon's Echo will become his personal virtual assistant.

    18. An Apple TV will give him endless hours of entertainment. Maybe now he'll finally cut cable.

    19. And this beautiful retro Bluetooth speaker will help him listen to his favorite tunes cord-free.

    20. These Bluetooth headphones will survive even the longest flight he takes because they have a 15-hour battery life!

    21. This delightful fragrance sampler set from New York City's finest is certain to help him find his new signature scent.

    22. Or give him these classy-ass chess pieces to recork wine bottles.

    23. Some new sheets that promise to be so comfortable you can sleep naked could be just the thing he's looking for.

    Now these are something to be thankful for!