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10 Super Practical Ways Millennials Are Probably Gonna Use The New iPhone X

Apple has done "it" again.

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So yesterday Apple announced some new iPhones, you probably heard of them by now. But maybe you're asking yourself, how am I really gonna take advantage of these new features?


1. Well...the new Animojis will take sexting to the next level.

2. Who wouldn't want to embody a fruit?!

10/10 gonna get the iPhone X for the animojis. Can't wait to be an expressive eggplant πŸ†

3. And then the nudes are going to be ultra HD.

a portrait mode selfie? wow. my nudes are going to need keynote announcements.

4. Not to mention, the selfie portrait mode means your camera roll will be even more stuffed with the SAME photo.

Me: "I just took like 20 selfies, atleast one of them has to be cute" Camera roll:

5. At least you'll have "better" dating profile pics.

Everyone watch out. This iPhone X is about to have everyone's tinder photos looking lit. But that shit will not be accurate πŸ˜‚

Swiper beware.

6. People are gonna try to "hack" the facial recognition.

Ur girl trying to hack the facial recognition on your iPhone X

Hopefully your "drunk" face will still let you into your phone.

7. I mean really hack that Face ID.


8. The more "realistic" Snapchat filters might mean we'll finally see the end of the dog.


The dog has revived itself // Snapchat: nikinsammy

9. And that longer battery life means more time for Instagram scrolling...

iPhone X will have 2 more hours of battery life. That'll mean it will last until at least 11am

10. Although that $999 price tag most likely means a maxed out credit card.

So the new IPhone X will cost $999. Damn!! Maybe I'll stick with the phone I have...or sell my kidney πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ™„β€¦

But who am I kidding?! We're all probably gonna buy it anyway.

The New #iphonex portrait mode settings have me shook. Apple just take my money sheeet

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