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Screen Breakers Rejoice It's Now Way Cheaper To Replace A Cracked iPhone Screen

AppleCare may finally be worth the money.

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But now, if you buy AppleCare with your new iPhone ($129), you can get your broken screen replaced for $29.


Previously, Apple charged $99 for AppleCare, and if you broke your screen it cost around $79 to get it fixed, for a total of $178. So now, you're saving about $20 with the new plan ($129 up front + $29 for an incidental = $158) — which makes the new plan actually worth considering.

And if anything super crazy happens it'll cost you $99 to get a full replacement.

Besides just covering your cracked screen, AppleCare also covers all the accessories that come in the box like your headphones, charger cable, and charger brick — so if any of those malfunction Apple will replace those for two whole years for free. If you don't have AppleCare, you're covered for one year, but that doesn't include screen breakage or anything that you could have potentially caused to the phone.

In the fine print, Apple says that it'll give you two incidents of accidental damage coverage over the course of a two-year period.

That means that if you break your screen twice and if you have AppleCare, you'll pay only $29 each time. After that you'll unfortunately have to pay more, but hopefully you won't break your screen more than that.


So basically, if you're in the market for a new phone, and are in any way remotely clumsy, it's worth it to pay extra up front for the AppleCare. That way it'll be cheaper than before to fix your phone in case of a mishap.

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Think about it this way: You pay $129 for the AppleCare up front, and if you break your screen, you book an appointment, pay $29, and your screen is fixed. Much less sticker shock than before.

Of course there are many other options for you if you don't want to opt for Apple's service. There are many brick and mortar shops that will fix your phone, and even services that will come straight to your door, but those come with consequences...

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If Apple can figure out that you had a third-party repair your phone, it voids your warranty entirely. So if something happens to any other part of your phone without your doing, you'll have to pay a much higher fee for Apple's technicians to fix your device.

It's also still probably a good idea to wrap your phone in a case, just to be sure... Here's some case inspiration.