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    "Hims" Is Now Launching "Hers" For Discreet Solutions To Things People Normally Don't Talk About

    Birth control, sexual wellness, acne medicine, and hair loss prevention all without having to step foot inside a doctor's office.

    If you're like me, you get on Instagram 12 times a day and that means you've probably come across the brand "hims"?

    But if you haven't and you're curious, hims is a wellness brand/health startup that helps guys deal with things that aren't normally talked about like balding, erectile dysfunction, bad skin, and other seemingly taboo things.

    But, starting today, it's not just hims anymore. The company is launching "hers" for women, too.


    Hers is similar to hims in that you can get sexual health drugs, hair thinning treatments, and skincare discreetly with access to health care professionals. But it's tailored specifically to women.


    Now, women can also fill out a questionnaire and get products to potentially make their lives better.


    Also, hers is putting a special focus on one thing: birth control. Hers will connect women directly with doctors for consultation and advice, and then provide access to generic forms of birth control pills.


    This one is seriously a game-changer, especially if you live in a place where contraception is hard to come by.

    So to sum things up, if you're dealing with pesky wellness problems that you don't want to talk to anyone about there's now a low-key solution.


    You can head over to the hers website and check out all the offerings.

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