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Here's What The Cast Of "Gossip Girl" Looked Like 10 Years Ago Versus Today

"Trouble is moving in, and it's looking to make the Upper East Side its bitch."

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Andrew Eccles / THE CW

Gossip Girl: A show that swept us off our teenage feet and gave us a first-hand glimpse into a family dealing with a host of problems, triumphs, and a pesky secret spy bent on spilling all the details of their private lives.


Jenny Humphrey, aka Taylor Momsen:

Memorable quote: "The first day of school's draft day. Blair and her merry band of psychos are going to be on a tear. They categorize girls into two groups: projects or victims. Girls with potential to become little mini-Blair-ites become projects and total losers, and the girls who have potential to threaten social order become victims. I was a project last year and we all know how that turned out."


Georgina Sparks, aka Michelle Trachtenberg:

Memorable quote: "He needed a hot wife to impress his partners and I wanted a loft and a legacy at Yale for Milo. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get drunk enough to make you all seem interesting."