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21 Things Anybody Who Wears A Suit Needs To Know

Stay classy.

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1. Generally your tie should be the same width as your lapel.

So here's a general suit rule: "Your tie at its widest should be the same width as your lapel," according to Black Lapel. That's because suits all about proportions, and essentially you want everything to look as even and clean as possible.


3. The sleeves of your suit jacket should stop somewhere around the wrist bone.

Because everything that has to do with a suit is based on proportions, your jacket sleeve coming to your wrist bone is a generally accepted rule. Your tailor probably knows best, but this is just something to keep in mind when getting adjustments.

4. Your shirt cuff should stick out about half an inch from the cuff of your jacket.

The experts say that a half inch of exposed shirt cuff is ideal. Any more, and your shirt will bunch up at the wrist. Any less, and it'll look like your suit doesn't fit properly.

5. Your belt should be thin.

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Here's an entire suit and belt guide. It's considered modern to wear a thin belt with a suit nowadays. Basically you don't want a belt that cuts you in half or makes you look shorter.

6. But, ditch the belt if you want to look taller.

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You don’t always have to wear a belt — especially if you want to avoid drawing attention to your midsection. Try suspenders, or don’t wear a belt at all.


8. Pocket squares draw people to your chest...and away from other "problem areas."

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Pocket squares are a great accessory. They're also a way to draw people's eyes away from your midsection and more towards your face and chest.

9. Patterns and shapes can help you stand out.

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You can play around with various non-traditional colors for your suit, or play with shapes and patterns. Obviously this depends on the occasion, and you should pay attention to the event/occasion and the attire suggested by the host. But, you don't have to stick to a solid if you feel like standing out or want to switch it up.

10. Single button suit jackets are more modern and popular.

Instagram: @apachibyrmc

Single button suit jackets are all the rage right now. People love them because they're modern and slimming. The next time you go suit shopping consider a single button instead of a double or triple button suit.


11. Although, sometimes you can leave the jacket at home.

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If you want a more casual look, ditch the blazer and test out a vest.

12. You don't always have to wear a tie.

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Bow ties are a nice alternative to regular ties and definitely help you stand out without looking like you tried too hard. If bow ties aren't your thing consider opting for a skinny tie versus a normal sized tie for a different look.

13. If you want to save time shopping for a suit, know how to measure yourself at home.

This is a handy guide to the different parts of your body you should measure before you go into a store. The only thing you need to find is a tape measure.

14. If you can only get one suit, make it charcoal.

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The experts recommend a charcoal suit over a black suit because it matches with more colors. A charcoal suit is appropriate for all types of occasions, too.


16. Remember, the shoes are just as important as the suit.

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Typically, your shoe color should always match your belt color. But at the same time, you should pay attention to the type of shoe you're wearing. There are all types of different styles that can complement or hurt all the hard work you've put into selecting a great suit. Here's a full guide to the different types and their function.

17. A good fit is the key to looking sharp.

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Fit is everything. There's a good chance you've probably bought the same size over and over since you became an adult, but fit is the difference between looking sharp and looking lazy. When you're trying your suit on grab the size you think you are and maybe one size up or down and see if it matches your body type better.

18. Accessorize, but don't over do it.

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Accessories like lapel pins and hats can help make a suit more personalized. Just try not to go overboard because it might be distracting.


20. You probably already know this, but it goes without saying: make time to see a tailor.

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Suits off the rack just won't cut it. You should make sure that after you buy your suit you get some slight alterations so that it perfectly matches your body. Simply take it to a tailor and they'll know exactly what to do.

21. And finally, when you sit, make sure to undo all your buttons.

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If your suit is tailored correctly, sitting down with your button still done can be a bit constricting. It's proper etiquette to unbutton your suit as you sit down.