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    21 Things Anybody Who Wears A Suit Needs To Know

    Stay classy.

    Alida Barden / BuzzFeed

    1. Generally your tie should be the same width as your lapel.

    So here's a general suit rule: "Your tie at its widest should be the same width as your lapel," according to Black Lapel. That's because suits all about proportions, and essentially you want everything to look as even and clean as possible.

    2. And you should know the different types of lapels. / Via

    Here are a few examples of the different types of lapels. Make sure to heed the widths to help match your tie to your suit.

    3. The sleeves of your suit jacket should stop somewhere around the wrist bone.

    4. Your shirt cuff should stick out about half an inch from the cuff of your jacket.

    5. Your belt should be thin.

    6. But, ditch the belt if you want to look taller.

    7. Ditch the pant cuff, too.

    Cuffs are dated, and they're also not great if you're short. Skip the cuffs and you’ll look instantly taller.

    8. Pocket squares draw people to your chest...and away from other "problem areas."

    9. Patterns and shapes can help you stand out.

    10. Single button suit jackets are more modern and popular.

    11. Although, sometimes you can leave the jacket at home.

    12. You don't always have to wear a tie.

    13. If you want to save time shopping for a suit, know how to measure yourself at home.

    14. If you can only get one suit, make it charcoal.

    15. But also, know which colors go together.

    16. Remember, the shoes are just as important as the suit.

    17. A good fit is the key to looking sharp.

    18. Accessorize, but don't over do it.

    19. If you're traveling with a suit, know the best way to fold a jacket.

    20. You probably already know this, but it goes without saying: make time to see a tailor.

    21. And finally, when you sit, make sure to undo all your buttons.