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    22 Online Reviews So Funny You Just Might Snort

    "As UPS discreetly unloaded my 55-gallon drum [of lube] the driver accidentally spilled it into my driveway. Any amount of cars can now fit into the garage."

    1. This lube review:

    2. And then there's this lube review:

    3. This "vase" review:

    4. This comfy mattress review:

    5. LOL, this pancake review:

    6. This Domino's critique:

    7. And then there's this review of dirt:

    8. This epic stoner review:

    9. LOL, everything about this tank:

    10. There's this ecstatic Batman fan:

    11. This smooth move by Rico:

    12. This mom has reached her boiling point:

    13. This review details the dangers of shopping while high:

    14. And also the dangers of buying your child a Furby:

    15. Then there's this Iron Throne upgrade:

    16. This poor teddy:

    17. This carpet review:

    18. This ominous warning:

    19. This unexpected Sleepshirt lover:

    20. This mom who was fed up with her kids jumping on the bed:

    21. Proof that not all products are for everybody:

    22. And finally, this magical swiss army knife that literally changes lives: