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    Updated on Feb 17, 2020. Posted on Apr 14, 2018

    19 Cake Fails So Funny And Epically Bad That You'll Scream For Help

    These were nice attempts, but try to hold back your snickers.

    1. This cake made a valiant effort:

    2. This poor sheep:

    3. And this little turkey just didn't turn out quite right:

    4. Back to the drawing board:

    5. These little cookie cups couldn't take the heat:

    6. BB-8 needs a lift:

    7. I...don't even know what's going on here:

    8. This butterfly isn't that bad, but it doesn't look anything like the picture above:

    9. Poor Elsa:

    10. One of these isn't the same:

    11. Woof, woof, this puppy looks a little sad:

    12. Even Batman couldn't save this dessert:

    13. Scary:

    14. Oh no, this log didn't make it through:

    15. Nice attempt, tbh:

    16. Hahaha:

    17. The gingerbread house of horrors:

    18. Woah:

    19. And finally, this Star Wars cake was a nice try, but no dice:

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