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    17 Reasons Why Jaden Smith Restores Our Faith In Humanity Everyday

    "When You Are Uncertain You Worry When You Are Certain You Relax."

    Today, July 8, 2015, we are gathered here to celebrate the birth of Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, son of Jada and Will Smith, brother of Willow.

    Jaden is now 17 years old. That means he's only one year away from becoming a full-fledged adult.

    But don't let his youth fool you, Jaden is the definition of what it means to be an individual.

    1. In fact, his impressive understanding and knowledge of life at such a young age is quite remarkable.

    The More Time You Spend Awake The More Time You Spend Asleep.

    2. You see, Jaden already understands the complicated nature of relationships.

    I Never Realized How Dysfunctional A King Is Without A Queen • • • Balance Is Key.

    3. Especially the constant battle between love and lust.

    Relationships Are Messed Up But Your Face Isn't.

    4. More importantly, Jaden gets the plight everyone faces with social media.

    Instagram Is A BlackHole Of Time And Energy.

    5. And when it comes to films and their inauthenticity, you can't pull a fast one on him.

    Next Time In The Movie Look At The Guy That Say's "I'll Never Leave You" And Watch What Happens Directly After.

    6. Jaden wisely taught us that smelling good is optional, but smelling bad isn't.

    I Don't Smell Good, But I Don't Smell Bad You Feel Me.

    7. When faced with a tough decision, Jaden inspires us existentially.

    8. Because of fame, his opinion of the media isn't very...favorable, obviously. But this wise statement is one to cause pause.

    God Bless The Media, If We Didn't Have It, Who Would You Judge To Make Yourself Feel Better.

    9. Due to his intense tutelage, he's a bit of a fortune teller. Only time will tell if this theory is correct though.

    The Head Of The Sphinx Will Fall Off In The Near Future.

    10. And real, always recognize real.

    11. When it comes to showing emotion, he isn't afraid to hold back.

    12. He actually embraces shedding a tear.

    Just Stare In The Mirror And Cry And You'll Be Good. 👍

    13. And he's wise enough to realize that relationships aren't for everyone.

    I'm To Emotional For All That Relationship Stuff.

    14. But he still seeks and finds love in his life.

    Nothing Better Than Someone That Loves You For Your Extremely Odd Self.

    15. Of course when you're full of such love and happiness people will try to break you down. Not Jaden though, he has a pretty optimistic approach to dealing with his haters.

    Haters Are Just Pre Creators Who Need The Seed Of Greatness.

    16. While Jaden doesn't play games, he will keep you guessing.

    17. And above all, he realizes that distance isn't always a bad thing.

    I'm Glad That Our Distance Makes Us Witness Ourselves From A Different Entrance.

    Drake is all of us in this photo. Happy Birthday Jaden! Never change.