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    34 Things About Buying Clothes That Keep Guys Up At Night

    This feels like a nightmare.

    1. How do you even find the motivation to actually go shopping in the first place?

    2. Because the mall is overwhelming.

    3. In fact, stores are usually nightmares.

    4. And usually, it's an all day ordeal.

    5. Shopping for clothes feels more like a chore, than anything else.

    6. Let's not even get started on the sales associates, they usually are never helpful.

    7. Instead of trying something new, most guys would rather just stick to what we know best.

    8. When you finally make it into an actual store, the men’s section often pales in comparison to what’s available for the ladies.

    9. If you want to find a bargain, good luck because the men’s sale section is even smaller, or shoved somewhere in a back corner.

    10. In that corner you’ll typically only find ... XXL and XXS left over.

    11. Online shopping is easier, because it's less pressure. But, it’s always a gamble, because you can’t try things on.

    12. But, in-store, when it comes to trying things on, that feels like a chore too. Trying on seven different pairs of jeans at once feels worse than getting your chest waxed.

    13. Oh yeah, don't forget that this entire experience COSTS A BUNCH OF MONEY!

    14. Figuring out the right fit for something is tough without a second opinion.

    15. Take for example, suit shirts. How do you know what the right neck and collar size is? And when it comes to sleeve length, forget about it.

    16. Sometimes you think you look good, but you never really know.

    17. Making a decision on the spot is hard.

    18. But of course you waited until the last minute so you have to act somewhat fast.

    19. What if you don't know what you like until you see it?

    20. Speaking of suits, when it comes to formal wear, having to get a tailor after you've already bought the clothes, feels like even more work.

    21. If you're not engrossed in fashion, staying up on trends is more work. So finding something "in style" further complicates this ordeal.

    22. What the heck is layering anyway and why is it so important?!

    23. Buying clothes isn’t nearly as fun as buying a new TV, camera, or power tool.

    24. Spending too much time choosing clothes feels wrong. But you also don’t want to buy your entire wardrobe in an hour.

    25. These jeans are in style … but ugh! They fit too tightly.

    26. There's so many different types of jeans too! What the heck is selvedge and why does it cost so much?!

    27. You wait to buy something you really want because what if you find it cheaper somewhere else?

    28. Or, remember the time you bought that shirt you loved and then you found out two days later it's now 50% off.

    29. How do you know which materials are appropriate for which season?!

    30. Consistency in sizing is unheard of. Something from one place might fit you perfectly, but the same size elsewhere could be completely different.

    31. The guessing game. How do you know what size you'll be next year?

    32. Or, that one thing you really like is always TOO expensive.

    33. The stores always switch seasons before the planet actually does.

    34. It's tough to figure out which pieces are casual and can be worn to work, or on the weekend. Wait, you can't wear this shirt to the gym and also out on the weekends?

    Ugh, fuck it. Just stick to what you know and wear the clothes you have until they fall apart. It's easier that way.