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22 Pictures People Who Aren't Grad Students Will Never Understand

1. Your relationship status:

2. The natural progression:

3. Reading your future:

4. ...which ends in you trying to stay positive:

5. Literally every single day:

6. The eternal struggle:

7. Your bank account:

8. Getting work done like:

9. Little victories:

10. The song of your people:

11. Late-night confusion:

12. Little challenges:

13. Selling your soul for books:

14. Looking for jobs like:

15. Wild nights out with the crew:

16. The struggle to have fun:

17. Relaxation time:

18. Your desk's condition:

19. What to look forward to:

20. Because honestly...

21. Trying to keep it together:

22. And, finally, looking at people who just started grad school like: