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    21 Tumblr Posts That Are Going To Make You Say, "That's Funny As Hell"

    "I can't express how much I hate fucking bees."

    1. LOL, we'll start with this one:

    2. I mean this one is super relatable:

    3. I feel this because I can't drive either:

    4. Dan the Panini Man cannot be stopped:

    5. I...I don't even know, lmao:

    6. Easy solution—be taller:

    7. Speaking of height, lol:

    8. I don't see a lie here:

    9. Now that's some strategy:

    10. Small town problems:

    11. Hey man, some people just wanna enjoy their seltzer:

    12. The tension, omg:

    13. Thank goodness for horses:

    14. Guys, sorry, I don't even know:

    15. Mother nature is harsh like that:

    16. *Enters into cleaning mode*:

    17. Here's a lesson—don't do this:

    18. Friendly reminder that back in the day was wild:

    19. I hope I never come across this bird:

    20. This is too real:

    21. And finally, this:

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