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21 Photos So Funny You Just Might Pee A Little From Laughing

"Same penis forever."

1. OK so first of all, this dog is iconic:

2. So is this hilarious decoration for a bachelorette party:

3. The logic here is pretty solid:

4. This poor guy, yikes:

5. I mean this is definitely true for people in the South:

6. This Netflix placement would make the Queen blush:

7. This is definitely punny:

8. Poor guy:

9. This fight is heating up:

10. Yikes, abort the mission of using this bathroom:

11. Well, ya don't say:

12. This is not proper office behavior:

13. Speaking of toilets, sometimes you just gotta buckle up:

14. Shhhh, don't scare the ice cream:

15. How would you interpret this sign? One person said, "cycling killed Christianity":

16. I don't see a lie here:

17. This is so, so real:

18. Sick burn here:

19. And finally, I'll just leave you with this: