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21 Things Anyone Who Has Ever Been A Student Can Relate To

Let's not even talk about group work.

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1. Looking in the mirror at home vs. at school:

2. When you get to school and you're alone:

3. And you run into those "fake" people:

4. Then you have to deal with stress early in the morning:


5. And your teacher is already acting up:

6. When the syllabus is just tew much:

7. And then when you didn't even read the syllabus:

8. When a classmate grades your paper:


9. When anything has to do with math:

10. When school just started but you already messed up:

11. When speaking in class, in general:

12. And listening in class, in general:


13. Let's not even talk about group work:

14. When you're trying to be slick:

15. When it's lunchtime and you fucked up:

16. So you try to eat in class and get embarrassed:


17. And then your memory starts to betray you:

18. But you take a chance...and lose:

19. So you try to make light of the situation...and lose again:

20. And then comes the stress:

21. How did you let this happen...again:


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