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    18 Photos That Will Make You Lose Your Faith In Mankind

    Lock them up and throw away the key.

    1. Tell me this isn't scary:

    2. Go on now, just try to tell me a monster didn't do this:

    3. Or THIS:

    4. He's probably right under your bed...eating Kit Kat's LIKE THIS:

    5. Haunting your desserts:

    6. Oh my word:

    7. Only a monster would leave ice cream like this:

    8. And a monster would put the jelly ON the peanut butter:

    9. Frankly, it's frightening:

    10. *Breathes deeply*:

    11. Monsters have even invaded fridges:

    12. See:

    13. Because only a monster would eat like this:

    14. And only a monster would butcher this poor butter:

    15. Lock them up and throw away the key:

    16. What the hell even is this:

    17. I'm so scared:

    18. RUN: