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15 Christians Who Don't Care At All About A Starbucks Cup

Who cares about a dang cup? These people don't.

So, in case you missed it, the "war on Christmas" has begun earlier than radio stations playing that Mariah Carey song this year. Some Christians are outraged over Starbucks making their cup literally a certain color.

But most Christians? They couldn't care less. See for yourself:


As a Christian, I don't care what color cup Starbucks uses or if it has snowflakes on it, I care that the coffee is hot and delicious.


I don't understand why Christians are arguing about the Starbucks cup. Don't understand at all. I'm a Christian and I don't care!


Speaking as a Christian myself, I don't care what Starbucks puts on its cups. If I want Starbucks, I'll have one. If not, I won't. Simple.


This Christian couldn't care less what a coffee chain puts or doesn't put in their cups. I don't need #Starbucks to guide my faith.


I am Christian. I don't think the red cups are offensive. And I don't care if you say happy holidays to me. I'm offended this is an issue.


Thanks @Starbucks for celebrating the season with a red cup. As a Christian I can say I will drink your coffee and I don't care about a cup.


As a Christian I could care less about this Starbucks blank red cup deal. If it's that big of an issue don't go in and buy a drink!! Lol


I don't think a true Christian person with honest religious values would care how Starbucks designed their HOLIDAY cup.


I am Christian please don't assume all Christians care about a red cup because we dont! There is stupid in every faith. #StarbucksRedCup


Dear @Starbucks @starbucksgold, As a Christian, I'm there for the delicious coffee. I don't care what the cup looks like. #StarbucksRedCup


I am a Christian and I love Starbucks. I honestly don't care about the cups as long as I get my coffee.


As a Christian, let me share a secret with you: We don't care about the Starbucks cups. Like, at all. Seriously.


I'm very very very Christian and I very very very much don't care that Starbucks took snowflakes off of their cups lol


Annoyed that ONE "Christian" who is pissed about Starbucks' cups has put a generalization on all of us - who don't actually care ☕


Dear @Starbucks, As a Christian, I don't care what your cups look like. I just need your people to understand what light ice means. Love, Me

That's how it's done.