18 Things That Prove That Finland Is Straight Up In 3018

    BRB, moving to Finland ASAP.

    1. For starters you can buy a 1,000-pack of beer.

    2. If 1,000 is too much, you can get a 100-pack, too.

    3. You can park your dog in a spot outside of the supermarket.

    4. There are libraries INSIDE the friggin' gas stations.

    5. There's are saunas INSIDE hotel rooms.

    6. In fact, there are Saunas EVERYWHERE (yes that is a sauna in an ice hockey stadium).

    7. The Finnish are funny.

    8. They're environmentally friendly, too. This is a biodegradable toilet paper roll.

    9. On rainy days you can borrow and return an umbrella, if you need one.

    10. Certain chip packages open on the side so they don't make a lot of noise.

    11. This is what vandalism looks like in Finland, lol.

    12. Their doors are easier to open.

    13. They encourage biking over driving. This sign shows how many bikes have passed on a particular day.

    14. If you stay at a Finnish hospital your meal could look ridiculously delicious.

    15. If you fish, you can get your license quick and easy from a machine.

    16. Thanks to their socialized healthcare, thousands of euros worth of cancer medication comes out to just single digits.

    17. Trashcans around the city have a separate section for refundable bottles so that if people want to retrieve them/recyle they don't have to dig through the trash.

    18. And finally, their passports double as flip books.