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    Diving Disaster: Filipino National Divers Hilariously Fail At Their Jobs

    They tried

    The Philippine diving team is currently competing in the 2015 Southeast Asian Games.

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    First up is John Elmerson Fabriga, looking conveniently naked.

    Screenshot / Via

    And it looked like things were off to a good start...

    Now, if this were a SOMERSAULT competition, he would have taken the gold.

    From this angle, it's pretty obvious that things

    It looks like he's driving an invisible car!

    Screenshot / Via

    But then the invisible car...crashed!!!

    Was that even worth a high-five?

    Next up was his partner, John David Pahoyo.

    Screenshot / Via

    That face u make when u tryin' really hard not to fuck up but know u will.

    Clearly John David was a little nervous after he saw his partner basically belly flop.

    Screenshot / Via

    John David's off to a good running start...

    But wait... He got turned around and thought that he was upside down when he was really right side up.

    And he too...epically failed! LOL

    Not surprisingly, these dives were awarded zero points.

    Screenshot / Via

    The duo celebrated with a double high-five this time, seemingly unfazed by their unique way to fall into the water.