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    Updated on Jul 9, 2019. Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    24 Pictures That Perfectly Prove You Don't Have It So Bad

    These people definitely are having a worse day than you.

    1. This person's humble harvest.

    2. This person who just wanted some cheap layers.

    3. The parents of this young Picasso.

    4. This biker.

    5. This guy's hotel room "view".

    6. This person who was just trying to clean their desk off.

    7. The person who has to clean this mess up.

    8. This person who just wanted to work outside.

    9. This person who dropped their phone in a paper shredder.

    10. Or the person that has to deal with a toner explosion.

    11. Or the person who set off this hangar's fire suppression system.

    12. This person who just wanted to simply open their car door.

    13. This person who REALLY had to go.

    14. This person's parking skills and this homeowner's foyer.

    15. This dad's back.

    16. This person who just wanted to wash their doggy bed.

    17. This person who definitely regrets parking near this street light.

    18. This person who regrets not running that yellow light.

    19. This guy who forgot to unplug the vacuum.

    20. This amateur chef who stopped paying attention for a second.

    21. The contractor that installed these cabinets.

    22. This poor dog-walker.

    23. This person who maybe should have put the sign on both sides of the bridge.

    24. And this kid who ran right into that serve.

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