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    19 People Who Got Detention For The Most Hilarious Reasons

    "Ran down hallway and said, 'fuck yea, I got an A' to celebrate."

    1. First, we have this literal ray of light:

    2. "That's what she said" is always a thing:

    3. The Hunger Games are real:

    4. When memes come to life...and then you get in trouble:

    5. LOL, fantasy in school is clearly very real:

    6. The Bible must have compelled her:

    7. See? More "that's what she said":

    8. Celebration gone wrong:

    9. "Whore stand" is apparently a thing:

    10. OK, actually this is kind of iconic:

    11. Arrest me for "leaping with intent to fly" please:

    12. "The classic, "your mom":

    13. You got ROASTED...and then got detention for it:

    14. "Occupy the cafeteria":

    15. LOL, A+ for hip thrusts:

    16. This is kinda...dangerous? IDK:

    17. And finally, well...this one's somethin':

    18. And finally...yikes:

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