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    Posted on Oct 21, 2017

    16 Tweets That Perfectly Explain How Men Can Be Better Allies

    Here's what you can do.

    In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal women have been sharing their stories and offering advice on ways men can do better...


    Anyway, if you are a man, please understand and consider: every single woman you know, every woman alive, has been sexually harassed.


    If u feel uncomfy about saying "Dont speak that way about women" while in a social setting, imagine what it feels like to be the subject.


    Tip. When apologising don't use the fact that there was an existing relationship or the fact that she stayed in touch after as emollients.


    Dear Men, Please remove the phrase "as a husband and/or a father of daughters" from your vocabulary. Women exist outside your bubble.


    We've got it. You're a "father of daughters." Now start worrying about being a good father to sons.


    I do feel bad for men with all the witch hunt stuff going on. Imagine being unsure if you could trust members of th…


    1. Overcome your own transphobia. Trans women are women. Accept the lived truth of NB and GNC people, whether or not they are women.

    Read the entire thread here, it's good.


    Do better, men. And you men who are better--step in & stop abuse. That IS the lesson of Weinstein, et al. It applies EVERYWHERE. 15/


    Shared by a guy friend on my FB page in reaction to #MeToo. Hoping guys here can read & RT to signal their sign-on…


    Survivors aren't material for your jokes We're not a hidden market for your products We're not your storytellers We didn't survive for you


    Fun fact: yelling “have a good day!” louder and louder at a woman you don’t know on the sidewalk in an effort to ge…


    I've learned more from reading black/brown/queer/non binary people's Twitter feeds than I did in college.


    If you think being in the same room with a woman makes it hard to avoid raping or harassing her, perhaps you should…


    I want men to care about men's issues proactively, and not as reactions to women sharing their problems with men


    perennial reminder: if your idea of left politics includes defending known harassers/abusers, 🎵 your politics are bullshit 🎵


    HEY MEN, WHAT ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO BETTER? because you need to do better I have some ideas

    And just in case you couldn't read the above here it is:


    i hope i live long enough to see the day when my female friends are writing #MeToo on social media to mean"i finally feel safe in the world"

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