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    Demi Lovato Flawlessly Fell At A Pool Party And She Dusted Herself Off And Got Back Up Again

    That's one way to stay "Cool For The Summer."

    Over the weekend, pop sensation Demi Lovato made an appearance at a day party for the WaterMarke Tower in Downtown Los Angeles.

    Demi was there to perform her single "Cool For The Summer."

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    But she quickly realized that a slippery stage (over water) and heels do not make a good combination.

    The crowd literally fell silent right after the fall, but Demi popped right back up showing that she was injury-free.

    She flawlessly embraced the slip and quickly threw up a peace sign before jumping into the pool amongst a crowd of cheers.

    Being the good sport that she is, she even posted a edited version of the tumble on her own Instagram page.

    While we're sure she has a bruise or two, way to embrace mistakes and take it like a champ, Demi! ❤️