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17 Crazy-Ass Secrets That Will Make You Whisper To Yourself, "Woah, Dude"

"I used to comb my ass hairs with my sister's styling comb..."

A reddit user asked, "What's a secret you won't share with anyone in person, but you are willing to share anonymously?" and the answers are pretty WILD! Check them out below.

1. Poor girl: / Via sloppythejeep

2. This curious kid's dirty little secret: / Via Ping938

3. That's one way of hangin' with the boys: / Via toxicbooster

4. This scared kid's predicament: / Via PancakeQueen13

5. Yikes, apparently mob ties are real: / Via haphazardtree
Casarsaguru / Getty Images

6. This has to be the definition of true love: / Via Gorechi

7. Deep, deep secrets in the closet: / Via Anonymous

8. And speaking of Fleshlights, this is a "win-win": / Via sihtotwen

9. This "woohoo": / Via AnitaWongDick

10. This has probably happened to a lot more people than you think: / Via CrazyCatLady54461
Koldunov / Getty Images

11. The curious case of the cousins: / Via jennaaliya

12. This poor kid and his poor butt: / Via pkfighter343

13. That's an interesting way express arousal: / Via naked_nun_run
Peopleimages / Getty Images

14. This daring pizza run: / Via Fauxlicious

15. Don't let the family find out:

16. Real, real, real love: / Via whatisthetrutheh

17. And finally, just THIS, omg: / Via onefortysevenone
Daizuoxin / Getty Images

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