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17 Dads Who Totally Owned 2016

Dad, please, please please, stop!

1. The dad who said this special prayer for his fallen underwear.

2. This dad who is an expert in sick burns.

3. The dad who was a little overprotective.

4. The dad who saw a "birth" on the highway.

5. The dad who watched too many action movies this year.

6. The dad who doesn't quite "get" texting.

7. The dad who took chores too far.

8. The dad who had a genius "life hack" for cold feet.

9. The dad who wasn't taking any bullshit.

10. The dad who met a rapper he didn't know.

11. The dad supporting a good habit instead of a bad one.

12. The dad who took protecting the cars from hail too far.

13. This dad who's just ice-cold.

14. The dad who kept it almost too real.

15. The dad who used the wrong word to describe cooking dinner.

16. The dad who's getting frail in his old age.

17. And the dad who was just trying to help unpack groceries (wait for it).

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