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    19 Grammar Fails That Will Make You Shake Your Head Then Laugh Out Loud

    "Do not touch bread with hands, please use tongue."

    1. What ever could they mean?

    2. They were trying to do, what?!

    3. OK, sounds good!

    4. What's back?

    5. What's with the pesky weather?

    6. That's my kind of pizza:

    7. This sounds like a bad policy:

    8. I don't understand...

    9. I'm not sure I would trust this tattoo shop:

    10. And this:

    11. This car is in to deep:

    12. LOL:

    13. Hmmm...

    14. They're hunting what?!

    15. Where do I leave my arm's?

    16. In some states that could be considered stalking...

    17. Sorry, what?

    18. And finally, this post is why education is important.

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