17 Photos That Will Make You Scream, Especially If You're A Commuter

    Don't ask how, ask why.

    1. We'll start with this person who can't go anywhere now:

    2. Karma exists for a reason:

    3. Reading signs is always fundamental:

    4. Sometimes our own phones turn against us:

    5. Sometimes keys don't belong on a lanyard:

    6. Even when not driving, disaster can still strike:

    7. I don't have an explanation for this one, sorry:

    8. Pumpkin patches can be dangerous, this is why launchers are the devil:

    9. Maybe don't stick it out the window:

    10. It's gonna be pretty difficult to stick this landing:

    11. Don't steal:

    12. There's always that one tree:

    13. This gives drinking and driving a new meaning:

    14. I'm a loss for how this happened, guys:

    15. When going to the car wash backfires:

    16. This is just unfortunate on all levels:

    17. And finally, when nature strikes back: