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#FuneralFlow Is The Only Instagram Hashtag You Need If Someone You Know Dies

But are you sad tho?

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There is a new hashtag that is taking Instagram by storm. You may already be familiar with its previous iterations: #ChurchFlow and even #WorkFlow.

When someone places a "#flow" in their hashtag it's simply a way of just saying that they're going through the motions of completing a daily or weekly task. For example: going to work or going to church. Typically these photos are selfies.

But now, a new flow has begun...let me introduce you to the #FuneralFlow.

From what I can tell by observation alone, #FuneralFlow is meant to be a commemorative selfie taken when en route to or leaving a funeral.

It also encapsulates a fierce slay during a time of mourning.

The mirror effect is actually very prevalent in #FuneralFlows.

But my question is...are you sad though?

Often #FuneralFlow users take photos with family members who were also at the same service.

In fact, family is a central aspect of the #FuneralFlow.

Others have even begun to turn it into a mockery.

But not all #FuneralFlows are fun and games.

And some have even turned to the comments to solicit things that don't have anything to do with a funeral.

Commemorative clothing is a part of some #FuneralFlows.

Selfie sticks are a key accessory for encapsulating the #FuneralFlow too.

And sometimes it's also an excuse to show off a fly funeral outfit.

Or even an opportunity to pour something out for the homeys who aren't with us anymore.

Sometimes the #FuneralFlow can last much longer than the actual funeral, because Hennessy.

#FuneralFlow is also used to give a glimpse behind the scenes during an...actual funeral.

Scenes from inside of funerals are often displayed as well.

Some use #FuneralFlow as an opportunity to send a message to their haters.

But, above all #FuneralFlow is a new digital way to pay respect to the family members that people have lost.

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