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27 Pictures That Perfectly Capture What It's Like To Be High AF

"Don't you see I'm in my zone?"

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1. Being high af feels a little something like this...

when you high af and your cat jumps on the couch

2. You sometimes feel a little...out of place, like this guy.

3. REALLY out of place...


4. You often feel out of this world...

5. You may even try to blend in but sometimes you're just a little too obvious.

6. It's safe to say that your senses are sometimes not all working up to par...

When you high af and somebody callin your name

7. Maybe a little TOO obvious.

When u high af in the back seat tryna act normal


8. You may even end up someplace you don't belong anymore...

9. Sometimes you mistake things for something they aren't...

10. When you're high AF and you get disturbed, it can obviously cause paranoia.

When you're high af and someone knocks at the door

11. Especially if it's a parent.


12. Sneaking in past your parents can feel like a mission.

"@drinkingsmokin: When you come home high af tryna sneak into your room "😂😂

13. But when dinner's ready you have the perfect response.

when ur high af and ur mom says "dinners ready!"

14. But forget about it if you don't know how to cook.

When you're high af and that munchy sets in but you're no cook

15. Being high AF can cause you to do things you wouldn't normally do.

when u high af and just rlly want a cheeto


16. You may even speak out of your normal tongue...

18. But when you finally meet up with your friends everyone is on the same page.

19. Except when you want a little time to yourself...

When your friends are having a conversation and you're just sitting there high af


20. Sometimes people can blow your high...

When you high af and cant remember why you arguing with someone

21. I mean really blow your high...

When you high af and people keep trying to get your attention . . "Don't you see I'm in my zone"

22. Until they redeem themselves...

23. But the more you indulge the more your memory fades.


24. But you know that some of your best ideas have come when you're high AF.

25. Except sometimes bad ideas are born too...

27. But at the end of the day, you always keep it cool, and enjoy yourself.