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23 Reasons Having A Sibling Is The Worst

Gotta love 'em, but ugh.

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From all the epic fights, the scars, the laughs, the burns, and even the unexpected trips to the emergency room, you can't live with siblings and you certainly can't live without them. We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the most messed up thing they've ever done and these are the restults...


"I put my little sister and cat in a toy box and sat on the lid so she couldn't get out. Mom found me sitting there with the cat screeching and my little sister banging on the sides."

— Tabitha R


"I cut off my older sister's ponytail while she was watching TV because she made fun of my hair. The next day my little brother got punished because I hid the scissors and excess hair at the side of his bed."

— Briana T.


"Our neighbors had a million bird feeders in their front yard, so the ground was covered in bird feathers. My brother and I picked up a bag full and glued them all over my sisters arms, telling her she would be able to fly. I can still see her standing there with pigeon feathers dried all over her arms hahaha"

— Libby O.


I hated the game Monopoly as a toddler since, obviously, I couldn't play. So one day, I decided to go into my brother's room, steal the game, and EAT half of the Monopoly money. I don't remember this, so I'm really not sure what possessed me to eat it rather than simply throw it out or flush it…but wow. I was a savage.



"I once gave my five year old brother a beef bouillon cube and told him it was candy. The look on his face when he popped the whole thing in his mouth was priceless!"

Danielle S.

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed


"Me and my younger brother were in the backseat a block from our house. We were playing chicken, starting small like, "roll your window down," which escalated to "unbuckle your seatbelt," and finally, I dared him to open his door a crack. He did, right as we were turning a sharp corner, causing the door to fly open, and him to fall out! My mom turns around, asking "Where is your brother?!" I replied, "back there" while pointing out the rear window... Yeah we had children's services involved after he got 12 stitches in his head. Oops..."

— Sheena Pine


"When my brother and I were like two and three (I'm older) we were at a fire pit with our family on a camp out and we started fighting over who got the fancy s'mores stick. That resulted in him pulling my hair and me punching him when we both fell right into the fire pit. My dad fortunately, saw it coming and was able to grab both of us before we got too burnt, but we were a little singed and totally terrified."



"The first was about 6 years ago, maybe, which would put me at 13 and my brother at 10. I took one of those plastic/mesh bags that oranges sometimes come in and put it over my head ( it was literally nothing but holes, so there was no mistaking my identity ). Snuck into the bathroom where my brother was showering, ripped back the curtain that his back was to, and yelled, " GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY! " It scared the ( probably literal ) piss out of him, and reduced him to tears. Like... sobbing. Parents were not pleased."

— Megan R


"My sister and I got in a fight over who should have the last bit of trail mix, it resulted in us screaming/wrestling over the bag on our front lawn. It ended in me locking her out of the house in her underwear. I don't remember who got the granola, but this was two years ago and we're both adults now."



"When my younger sister and I were kids, one of our dogs peed on the floor. I can't remember how but I convinced her to smell it to see if it was water or not. Once her face was close enough, I slammed her face down into the pee puddle. She screamed. I laughed. She hates when I tell this story."

— Carly M

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed


"One time right before my brothers date I scraped off the top of his deodorant and put sour cream on top of it instead. He put it on and didn't notice and went on his date. Never got that call back from that girl."

Alex T.


"When I was 13, I pansed my then 11-year-old sister during a family event. She wasn't wearing underwear, which I found hilarious. My mother, however, did not."

Mary Claire W.


"My oldest sister was getting ready for a date she had a major crush on (she was 16, I was five) when her date arrived he waited for her in the living room. I went down with my sister when she was ready, and because I wasn't the center of attention I lifted up my dress and said, "Look at my Jasmine underwear!" Yeah, she never got a second date."

—Sharon W


"I used to put my younger brother in a wrestling hold called the figure four and wouldn't let him out till he purposely peed his pants."

Vince B


"When my little sisters and I were younger we went to Applebee's and my littlest sister got a balloon. On the way home, my mom had the car window down and the balloon was moving from the wind. I knew full well that if my sister let go of her balloon, it would fly out the window. My other sister and I told her to let go of the balloon and it would "dance" with the wind. Then, you guessed it, the balloon went flying out the window. We just laughed as she cried. I'm probably going to hell from that moment alone."

— Meredith Dover

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed


"One time, when I was about four, I put on my sister's underwear (I had no sense of hygiene) and walked into our room telling her that I had done so. Obviously she was fuming and, being the controlling older sister, demanded I take them off. I'm really not that sure what it was, but for some reason I was feeling very rebellious that day. I simply said "What are you going to do?" she reeled off about how she was going to tell our mom and I would be in trouble, the usual stuff six-year-olds say. When she was finished I looked her in the eye, and peed myself in her underwear."

— Ellen G.


"I have a sister who is 18 months younger than me. When she was just learning to walk, she managed to open the door to the (off) oven in my grandma's house. I pushed her in and closed the door."

— Allie S.


"Once my sisters wanted to play doctor so they pinned me to the ground and shoved a light bright piece up my nose. It bled for hours..."

— Téa F.


"I used to lock my younger sister in a dog carrier when she was annoying me and not let her out until I decided she had learned her lesson."

Kris Jenn

Dan Meth / BuzzFeed


"[I] waited until my older sister went to the bathroom one night and crawled under her bed. Stayed there for a solid half-hour while she started dozing off before hissing "Graaaace" (her name) in a man/demon voice. She screamed bloody murder and went flying out of the room sobbing. I got in huge trouble but have never regretted it."

— Gail R


"My oldest sister used to tell me and our other sister the most ridiculous things and sell them to us as facts. I once accidentally swallowed a cherry seed and she told me that a cherry tree would grow inside of my stomach until I died. I sulked and cried for days until finally confronting my mother to tell her. "Mom, it's over. I ate a cherry seed. You should start planning my funeral." To this day, I have serious trust issues."

— Rebekah Danger L


"Me and my sister used to play with the big plastic bins you can store stuff in since our mom was a teacher. When they were empty we'd hide in them and play make-believe games. Well....once we were playing and I thought it would be funny to put the lid on top of her while she was inside. I did it to her unsuspectingly and sat on top of it so she couldn't get out. Her shrieking went from a 1-1,000 in 2.5 seconds as she proceeded to hyperventilate and cry. She popped out like a jack-in-the-box crying while I laughed because she was only in there for like less than a minute. Drama Queen, much?"

— Desiree J


"I punched my younger brother in the face. Anticipating the devastating retaliation that would follow, I locked myself in the bathroom. I was fully prepared to live there for the foreseeable future with my pillow, water and snacks. He sent graphically illustrated death threats under the door for an hour until the authorities (mom) stepped in."

— Erin Starr K

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