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    6 Ways A Beard Makeover Can Totally Change A Guy's Look

    Subtle changes that make a big difference.

    Beards are totally a thing.

    If you have one, you recognize the beard's power to literally transform your face.

    But beards also tend to grow fast, and sometimes they can be difficult to maintain. And while a rugged look is cool, what about the times when you need a more polished, groomed face, but still want to keep your facial hair?

    We worked with several stylists at the Martial Vivot salon in New York to get some tips on how to maintain a great beard no matter what style/length you have.

    What you'll need:

    * a beard trimmer

    * comb

    * scissors

    * tweezers

    * beard oil (optional, but strongly encouraged)

    We asked six BuzzFeed men to get a beard makeover — here's what they learned.

    Ahmed's beard is thick and tends to grow ridiculously fast:

    Mark's beard is versatile and can take on many shapes and sizes:

    For those of you that have an oval face like Mark, also make sure to pay attention to hair under the chin and around the neck area. Using a shaver to remove excess hair around this area can be the difference between a clean, polished look and a more rugged look.

    Clark wanted to try softening up his beard:

    With Matt's beard he proved that big isn't always better:

    For Kevin's patchy beard he kept it thick, but clean:

    Ben's beard is super coarse — he wanted to keep it longer, but clean it up:

    Special thanks to the Martial Vivot salon in Manhattan, New York.


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