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19 Tweets That Prove Millennials Can't Be Trusted Under Any Circumstances

"Millennials are killing APPLEBEE'S!"

1. The entitlement is TOO much.

2. They're too dang nice.

3. They're also greedy.

4. I mean, they're destroyers.

5. They're poisonous.

@samgrittner / instagram

6. They never want to put in the real work.

@i_zzzzzzz / twitter

7. They're obsessed with praise.

@hipstermermaid / twitter / Via Twitter: @hipstermermaid

8. They don't appreciate the way things SHOULD be done.

9. They're too independent.

10. They care about the wrong things.

@sammmmmmmantha / twitter

11. They don't do things like they're supposed to.

12. They kill everything.

13. They're not responsible.

@SJWMEGATRON Millennials are destroying the nursing industry with their healthy living and ecological responsibility.

14. There's no respect.

15. And change too often.

16. They can't take a good old fashioned joke.

17. Even the experts have no clue what their problem is!

@kbiegel / twitter

18. They don't understand the value of a dollar.

19. But at the end of the day they still get blamed for everything.