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19 Life Hacks That I Swear To God You'll Want To Try At Home

These simple things will make life easier.

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1. To make a bigger airtight bag, turn one freezer bag inside out and "zip" them together:

2. When you're moving, just put a trash bag over your clothes that are hanging:

3. When you have a stuffy nose:

4. If your Tupperware always ends up thrown about in your dishwasher, get a cheap metal dish rack to anchor them:

5. A stocking over your vacuum cleaner will help you to find small things:

6. Use command hooks to keep your pot lids out of sight and also save space:

7. Forks make it super easy to hang pictures:

8. This is another simple way to manage cables:

9. Keep your drawers organized by installing a magnetic strip:

10. Use drawers as substitute counter space if you're in a tight kitchen:

11. If you don't have a microwave, this is an easy way to melt butter:

12. Warm two things at once by using a mug or microwave-safe cup:

13. Don't toss out old newspapers, use them to line the bottom of you trash can:

14. If the microwave beeps annoy you, turn them off:

15. Reuse tissue boxes to hold plastic shopping bags:

16. Store your sheets INSIDE the pillowcase to make your linen closet look super neat:

17. Break up those plastic clippy hangers to make cheap and easy chip-clips:

18. Organize your opened frozen food bags with binder clips to free up space:

19. And finally, no bottle opener? No problem, just use a different cap to pry it off:

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