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27 Reasons Why Zoë Kravitz Is A Legend In The Making

Know her.

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You may know Zoë because of her famous parents, musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet. Here they are with Zoë as an infant. She's been killing red carpets since birth.

Lolawolf actually ROCKS! This is one of their singles "Ayo." Check it out, your ears will thank you.

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But besides fashion and music, you probably know Zoë from the big screen. She recently played the role of Christina in Hollywood hits Divergent and Insurgent.

Besides all of the amazing things that she does, she's also hilarious!


Leave it to Zoë to steal your heart, and put it in her back pocket, stowed away safely, beating with eternal love for the incredibly amazing woman that she is.

Make sure you check for Zoë in her next big film, Dope also starring rapper A$AP Rocky. Here's the trailer:

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