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18 Things Millennials Are Responsible For Killing This Year

Hooters, divorce, DUIs, and much, much more.

1. Porn:

Millennials are killing porn by watching esports:

2. Credit cards:

Oh no Millennials are killing the unsecured personal debt industry!!!!!!!!

3. Divorce:

😎 Cool! Millennials are now killing divorce?.

4. American cheese:

Millennials are killing the American cheese industry; next victim is the entire dairy industry 💪🏼

5. Exorcisms:

6. ESPN:

“Millennials are killing ESPN” ESPN’s response:

7. The print news industry:

"millennials are killing the print news industry" "TWO PAGES ABOUT KATE'S FINGERS" "sir maybe we should..." "TWO. FUCKING. PAGES."

8. Applebee's:

@SoftWarmKitties @nycjim The "Millennials are killing Applebee's" generation is telling Millennials to stop blaming other people for their predicament? That's rich.

9. Hooters:

MILLENNIALS ARE KILLING BOOBS... Oh, wait. No, they're killing a mainstream chain restaurant for its sexist displays of women as servile objects.

10. Mayonaise:

Millennials are killing... *spins wheel* Mayonnaise.

11. Napkins:

@jenniferemills @DateDateline Like, literally just the companies that produce napkins.

12. Beer:

"Millennials are killing big beer" is my favorite "millennials are killing " story.

13. DUIs:

DUI arrests in South Florida plummet. Uber, Lyft, millennials among the reasons why

14. Sex:

We can add sex to the list of things millennials are killing:

15. Middle children:

16. Voting lines:

Millennials are killing voting lines

17. Stoves:

Are millennials supporting restaurants and tipping delivery guys 30% killing inanimate objects like Maytag stoves?

18. And finally...Boxes:

Millennials are killing everything.

Earlier this year a UK-based publication called Brandwatch React put together a similar list of things Millennials killed, Business Insider did too, last year...if you want to see some more deaths by millennial hands head over to these two sites for a in-depth look at the phenomenon.