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    Here's Why #DuragHistoryWeek Is Important

    In celebration of #DuragHistoryWeek, because all waves matter.

    Today marks the start of #DuragHistoryWeek, a social media and worldly event in which the durag is celebrated.

    "@SKTV_: Wall Of Fame Edition #DuragHistoryWeek "

    You see, durag's have been around for eons, arguably since the beginning of time.

    rare photos of moses controlling all types of waves. #DuragHistoryWeek

    To really see the durag's mark on history, you just have to look...closely.

    If you look closely you'll see the durag in it's primal developments, within the BC Era. #DuragHistoryWeek

    But it wasn't until last year that it was declared a national week and propelled into the spotlight.

    Durags are largely popular in African-American and urban communities. They are used to "preserve" or "keep fresh" one's waves (which are controlled hair curls). But because of the Internet (and urban culture) the durag has become more accepted widely.

    Even when driving an exotic car, Eddie Murphy isn't ashamed to rock his durag.

    When you pull up in something nice but gotta keep them waves right! #DuragHistoryWeek

    Here, we see WWE CEO Vince McMahan rockin' a durag during a wrestling event. It arguably gave him more strength and power.

    Note: Durag's come in various shapes, sizes, and colors to expertly accomodate or match one's outfit.

    The church stands in support of durags.

    The President of the United States of America is in support of durags.

    #DuragHistoryWeek who can forget when President Barack Obama wore this during his 1st inaugural address on 1/20/09

    Batman stands in support of durags.

    CRYING RT @deathintwosteps: and they said only aquaman could control the waves #DuragHistoryWeek

    Prince, always a rebel and risk taker, wears customized durags setting for a trend and establishing his individuality.

    The pioneer of the "Du-Rag with the roof missing" #DuragHistoryWeek

    But don't get it twisted, durags know no sex or race. They can be used by anyone!

    Durags were never gender or racially strict #DuragHistoryWeek

    Eminem event accepted his 2003 Grammy Award win wearing a durag, surround by his crew, also wearing durags.

    #DuragHistoryWeek “@jmitch27: RT @evboogie: never forget: eminem accepted his 2003 grammy in a durag. ”

    Here we see Justin Timberlake rocking a modified version of the durag back in the 90s.

    #DuragHistoryWeek we see Justin Timberlake sporting and snub nose version of the durag

    Whether you have hair or not you can still rock a durag.

    LL Cool J has not had hair in over 30 years but continues to rock Durags on a daily. We salute you. #DuragHistoryWeek

    Durags can be dressed up...

    Me & Terrence Howard #DuragHistoryWeek @fivefifths

    Or dressed down.

    The greatest white durag wearer of all time, Chip #DuragHistoryWeek

    They have a dual use especially when one is in dessert conditions.

    @deray OG of the Durag game #DuragHistoryWeek

    And sometimes (because of excellent marketers) they come alongside one's favorit spirit.

    RT @kc843: This was the greatest day in Durag history.

    Sometimes they even help one mask their emotions when receiving an unexpected text message.

    Lebron Was The First Athlete To Get The "I Thing Im Pregnant" Text While Wearing A Durag #DuragHistoryWeek

    More recently, durags have crept into high fashion...(this is cultural appropriation, but I digress)...You still need to be aware of the durags power and influence.

    @LeoInStilettos @AJ_Bumanglag The Durag that brought the hood to the runway, courtesy of slick Rick #DuragHistoryWeek

    Not only are durags fashionable, they've also righted wrongs.

    Lmao RT @DjSteelCity: This is the legendary fusion durag that ended segregation #DuragHistoryWeek

    In conclusion, enjoy national #DuragHistoryWeek, go forth, and be fresh!

    #DuragHistoryWeek Never forget