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38 Toys All '90s Kids Desperately Wanted For Christmas

Let the nostalgia commence!

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1. The Talkboy, to live out all your Home Alone dreams.

20th Century Fox

2. A huge life-sized Barbie to be your best friend, forever.

Travis Doucette / YouTube / Via

3. An Easy Bake Oven to channel your inner chef.

Patrick Hartford / Flickr / Via

4. Chicken Limbo, which literally broke the second time you tried to use it.

Terrence Cheng / YouTube / Via

5. L.A. Gears to light your way through the dark hallways at school.

6. Literally everyone wanted a Barbie Jeep...

Rona Proudfoot / Flickr / Via

7. Or a Power Wheels Jeep.


8. Tamagotchis, which were almost as good as getting a puppy.

Pascal Maramis / Flickr / Via

9. A Gameboy Color, because everything really was that much better in color.

Wen Zeng / Flickr / Via

10. Gooey Gak, so you could have slime time at home.

NSI Floam / YouTube / Via

11. Skip-It, to literally jump the entire day away.

RetroTVCommercials / YouTube / Via

12. This monstrous AFX Race Track, which gave serious Nascar vibes.

Sisavath Sirithasack /YouTube / Via

13. The Hot Wheels Car Wash to literally rust all your cars.

@Isjix / Via

14. The Talking Family Dollhouse, because who didn't want a flock of talking dolls?!

eBay / Via

15. An Etch-a-Sketch Animator, because you'd already played with the original.

Duo Creative / Tumblr / Via

16. A Super Soaker 50 to spray your entire family despite it being winter.

Nerf / Wikia / Via

17. Creepy Crawlers, because who didn't want to bake insects?

Amazon / Via

18. A Fashion Wheel to plan and draw out all your favorite outfits.

Under A Glass Sky / Via

19. That weird baby that ate and pooped, the Baby Alive.

Daniel Wilson / YouTube / Via

20. Pound Puppies to take with you everywhere.

eBay / Via

21. Trolls — because who didn't love brushing their hair and making wishes while rubbing their stomachs? / Via la-bouilloire-noire

22. American Girl Dolls, so you could have a different one than all your friends.

American Girl Dolls / Via

23. A Hess Truck, because the best thing was carrying the smaller cars inside the big truck.

Hess / Via

24. Moon shoes that your best friend broke when they jumped too hard in them.

lokifeyson / YouTube / Via

25. Sky Dancers, which always flew somewhere they shouldn't have.

Colin Chilvers / YouTube / Via

26. The Power Rangers Megazord that broke down into separate toys.

@PowdrdToastMan21 / Via

27. An African Princess Imani Doll to rule the planet.

Amar / Via

28. A Stretch Armstrong doll, which everyone always tried to break by stretching it as far as they could.

80sCommercialsVault / YouTube / Via

29. A Lite-Brite — even though you'd regret it as soon as you stepped on one of the pegs with a bare foot.

eBay / luvsneakers92 / Via

30. A full-sized Star Wars Millennium Falcon so you could pretend Han Solo and Luke Skywalker were your best friends.

eBay / Via

31. The Hot Wheels PC because look at that thing!

Lazy Game Reviews / YouTube / Via

32. The satisfying squish of Floam.

As Seen On TV / Via

33. Skateboard Shannen, because skateboarding shouldn't have a gender.

YouTube / Via

34. A Polly Pocket to live out out all your miniature homemaker dreams.

Flickr / Herry Lawford

35. The Micro Machines: Super Van City was awesome. Because how did they fit all that shit in there?

36. The Poo-chi, whose eyes, flips, and cool colors made it a must-have.

37. An N64 because, duh!

teh2Dgamer / YouTube / Via

38. And, finally, a Furby. Just look at those eyes!


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