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    20 Photos That Prove Scandinavia Is One Of The Best Places On The Planet

    Why haven't I been here before?

    1. Fast food places have a little sink for you to pour liquids out before you trash them:

    2. When you buy meat at the supermarket there is a little thermometer that tells you how long it will last in your fridge:

    3. While you're at the supermarket, the carts have handy maps on them:

    4. Beer cans aren't held together by those plastic bird trap things, instead they're lightly glued together:

    5. While we're talking about cans, some of them can be resealed in case you don't finish the whole thing:

    6. Surge soda is still available except it's called "Urge":

    7. The public bathrooms have a digital reader that tells you the last time they were cleaned:

    8. The automatic sinks let you change the temperature of the water:

    9. If you plan on spending a while in the bathroom, some toilets have armrests: / Via


    10. But in some places you can pee with a view:

    11. In the hospital there are decals on the floor that show you which way the doors open:

    12. This is a bus stop:

    13. And speaking of traveling, it's mandatory to wear seat belts on public transportation:

    14. If you're a biker you can repair your ride for free at these convenient stands:

    15. And this old jumbo jet was converted into a hotel:

    16. Other hotels have saunas built into the rooms:

    17. This is what McDonald's looks like:

    18. Here's another McDonald's:

    19. And finally, there are hilarious guides to eating tacos:

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