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19 Text Messages That Will Make You Scream “WHYYYYY”

"Alrightt fine you're knot beautiful."

1. This "wrong text":

2. Then there's this:

3. Then there's this existential crisis:

4. How about this cartoon lover:

5. OK, this isn't creepy...NOT:

This attempt at a save at the end.

6. How about none of the above with that guy:

7. Embarrassing isn't even the word:

8. One question too many:

9. What's with all these emotes:

10. Please take this guy's phone away:

11. Bro, you proved her point:

12. Keep it:

13. And you're knot a good person:

14. Oh Steve, yikes.

15. A different person you're not, bro:

16. Please stay far, far away:

17. No, thank you:

18. Welp:

19. And finally, what's with all these roleplay scenarios:

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