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    19 Pictures Pretty Much Guaranteed To Make You Say "God Damn, That's Perfect"


    1. I like perfect shit—don't you love perfect shit, too?

    2. The way this dime fits into that ring, it kind of turns me on:

    3. This perfect shadow is erotic:

    4. And this box full of hangers looks like a dirty work of art:

    5. These movers could pack my truck any day:

    6. Ohhhhhmygod, the way this charge just fits in there:

    7. This vacuum cleaner and this corner are a match made in household heaven:

    8. This guy is so organized, it'

    9. Like two peas in a pod, lol:

    10. The way the orange falls so perfectly into this glass makes me sweat a little:

    11. This truck is a tight squeeze, but you know fits:

    12. Speaking of deliveries...get a load of this perfect fit:

    13. Next, we have this perfectly sexy square scale:

    14. This Ben & Jerry's cap could light my light:

    15. This cutting board could stop my leak, lol:

    16. OK enough with the sex did this speaker fit so perfectly:

    17. Oh wow, it's like this table was made for those PS4 games:

    18. This dude probably had no idea his hair tie would be this artistic:

    19. And finally, sure, I guess—close enough:

    That's one way to fill a pothole.

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