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    19 Optical Illusions Guaranteed To Make You Say, "Woah"

    Stare at this object for three seconds and...

    1. These two squares are the same color

    2. Can you see these guys dancing?

    3. Find the face.

    4. Can you see the halves splitting?

    5. This is called an ambigram that means it reads the same upside down and right side up.

    6. Artist Liu Bolin is hiding.

    7. Lateral Inhibition makes the water look as if it's running.

    8. Woah! That's a face. it?

    9. Woah. These watermelons are trippy dude.

    10. Twinz...or nah?

    11. It looks like AB is longer than CD, but use your fingers to measure.

    12. Stare at the purple rings. Now try not to zone out.

    13. Woah! The Toronto Raptors have a really cool floor!

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    14. Ships, Kites, or both?

    15. Scroll up and down with your mouse quickly and you'll see this illusion come to life.

    16. Look at the gray dot in the center for five seconds. Now move your head forward and backward. See it spin?

    17. Which arrows do you see first? Can you see them both at the same time?

    18. Can you spot the clown?

    19. Wait...How'd he do that?