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18 Things That Anyone 28 And Older Will Be Able To Taste Through The Screen

Buckle up for a trip down memory lane.

1. I know you can taste these:

2. This one is definitely taking you back:

3. I can taste the dirt right now:

4. This was obviously the best flavor, I know you remember it:

5. Did you take this one apart or eat it in one bite:

6. My teeth are cracking in anticipation:

7. I know you remember how chalky this was:

8. My lips are white from the powder on that bubble tape:

9. Ahhhh the memories...and toothaches:

10. These flavors were so weird, but I can still taste them:

11. The blandness is overwhelming:

12. OK admit it, you can definitely taste through the screen:

13. I can taste the watermelon through the screen:

14. Mmmm that indulgent paper and orange taste:

15. OK, you can still get this today, but like didn't it used to taste better back then:

16. The pepperoni flavor, omg:

17. Yup, I can taste this through the screen:

18. And finally, admit it, you know you can imagine the taste: