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18 Things That Will Unquestionably Make You Shake Your Head And Sigh, "LOL"

Let's all collectively LOL.

1. This poor, poor man who made a wild mistake.

2. Ounce upon a time...

3. It must have been a long day for this teacher.

4. Because engineering and sex are mutually exclusive.

5. Just the fact that this person tried this...


7. OK ladies, now let's get in formation.

8. Look out for the sharks.

9. You < Me.

10. If you don't know how you got pregnant then, I just don't know...

11. I give up.


13. Just think on it...

14. December 32 if my favorite day of the year.

15. Freelance ain't free:

16. I want a wolfs now too.

17. This pissed off boss.

18. And finally, the flu shot seems to be quite crazy.