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18 Bathroom Signs That Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should

They're stopped up.

1. We'll start with this poor bathroom:

2. Yikes, I can only imagine what went down here:

3. This bathroom will come after your car, so watch out:

4. This bathroom is honest:

5. In this case it was the cleaner that was FED UP:

6. That poor door:

7. This bathroom has seen some shit, literally:

8. This bathroom is taking privileges away if people aren't acting right:

9. This bathroom was desecrated:

10. Don't waste this bathroom's time:

11. Now this actually isn't a terrible idea:

12. This bathroom is anything but shallow:

13. Now this bathroom is just scary:

14. Hey, at least there's a warning:

15. This bathroom appreciated the...treat:

16. This bathroom wants its damn sign back:

17. This bathroom is sassy:

18. And finally this isn't a bathroom sign, but it's funny as hell: