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17 Times Hipsters Really Tried To Get Creative This Year But Failed Miserably

Let's all let out one big collective groan...

1. Excuse me, what is this?!

2. What the fuck is this?!

3. What in God's name is this?!

4. Why would anyone want to eat like this?!

5. I'm sorry is that butter, on a fucking rock?!

6. No, I don't want my food to be in a Ferris wheel:

7. And I definitely don't want any of these eggs...why are they in the same pan they were cooked in?!

8. No those beer cans are not full, they're there for decoration:

9. Why would anyone eat this?!

10. Taquitos in a cigar "groundbreaking":

11. Let me get this straight, that's a pillow floating in air with an appetizer on top? Please, no.

12. Excuse me waiter, why is my bread in a CUP:

13. See, this is what happens when you TRY to get creative and then just do THIS:

14. OK, this is just getting really ridiculous now:


16. I don't think this is what they meant by "stairway to heaven":

17. And finally, what here is edible, and what isn't?!

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