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17 Funny-Ass Times Roommates Proved That You're Better Off Living Alone

"Do the fucking dishes."

Roommates are an interesting human social experience, sometimes they work really well, other times they don't. Here's for those of us who have had some not necessarily great roommate experiences, lol.

1. Somebody never take care of the shit they need to.

My roommate is a messy fuck who never learns to clean up after himself so in petty dickhead retaliation I took every piece of cookware, silverware and dish ware and put it in my room. Also left him ~1/2 a roll of toilet paper because they greedy bastard doesn’t ever buy it

2. What is it with the toilet paper?!

3. Some people pay rent like this:

4. And the dishes are always a thing.

5. See?

6. People always steal food.

7. And then this happens:

8. Some house mates get fed up and play games:

9. The passive aggressiveness is so real:

10. See what I mean:

11. People go to great lengths to stop others from using their shit:

12. OK, but this taunting is epic:

13. The pain runs deep:

14. Then let's not even get started on the gross "shit", literally:

15. The disrespect is real:

16. Some roommates make mistakes, but try their best to recover:

17. And finally, "fucking dare me."

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