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I Fell For Someone Who Was Emotionally And Physically Abusive

"I always thought, how could this happen to someone like me?"

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This is one woman's story of being in an abusive relationship. It can be extremely difficult to talk about, and, here, she uses drawings and imagery to illustrate her personal journey:

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"And then I met him. Our first date was a walk in in the park, I remember he pointed out I had a booger in my nose and I was super embarassed.. He asked me to be his girlfriend a few months later and of course, I said yes."


"The moment that I knew that I had to get out of the relationship was when he knocked me down, and I fell and hit my head. It wasn’t the first time he hit me, but it was the first time I felt really scared."

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"I called my best friend, I finally told her the truth and she said she was coming to get me and I was staying with her in the suburbs."


"I was apologizing for my very existence. I had no voice, I had no identity. I was seeking approval from everyone except myself."

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"Much to my regret, I did end up going back to him a few months later. We were on and off again."

"It was a tug of war between my loneliness, depression, and vulnerability."

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"And things weren't truly done with us until about another year and a half later, when he moved to a different state."

"I always thought how could this happen to someone like me? I was a good girl. I wasn’t raised in a household with domestic abuse. All of my friends had normal relationships. What was wrong with me? Why did he feel he had to hit me?"


"Once he was gone for good, I rediscovered the things that made me happy again. I threw myself into my career, I had new friends and love interests, I had a therapist who I saw once a week and she helped me build myself back together again."

"If you’re going through this, I want you to know to pay attention to the signs. It’s hard because your emotions are clouded and you’re in love, but love is supposed to make you feel good. It should always lift you up."

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