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The Weirdest Advice People Give For New Parents

"The best way to get them to sleep is giving them a lettuce bath."

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Congrats! You've just welcomed a beautiful baby into this world! There is nothing like the joy of being a new parent. Somehow though, your baby becomes everyone else’s baby and the advice your friends, loved ones, and complete strangers you meet on the playground give can be a little over the top.

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There's one question any new parent is not really sure how to answer, “Can I give you some advice?” Whether you know what you're doing or have absolutely no idea, this question is like opening a door and not knowing what you're walking into.


And sometimes you want to take a mental break from motherhood but your girlfriend cannot stop talking about the dos and don’ts of parenting.


"Don't let her sleep with a white noise machine. She'll become addicted and become and insomniac like me."