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    The Weirdest Advice People Give For New Parents

    "The best way to get them to sleep is giving them a lettuce bath."

    Congrats! You've just welcomed a beautiful baby into this world! There is nothing like the joy of being a new parent. Somehow though, your baby becomes everyone else’s baby and the advice your friends, loved ones, and complete strangers you meet on the playground give can be a little over the top.

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    There's one question any new parent is not really sure how to answer, “Can I give you some advice?” Whether you know what you're doing or have absolutely no idea, this question is like opening a door and not knowing what you're walking into.

    You have those random people that you meet at a party who think they know the ins and outs of parenting.

    Of course there's grandma's unique remedies for every single problem you might face.

    And sometimes you want to take a mental break from motherhood but your girlfriend cannot stop talking about the dos and don’ts of parenting.

    But just remember, true friends are the friends that parent you on how to parent.

    Sometimes the advice you're given won't always be clear...

    ...Or safe.

    And you'll start to feel like people don’t believe in you and your parenting skills. But try and remember it’s all coming from a place of love…

    …And once you’ve had enough practice...

    …You’ll be ready to share that love with someone else.